Led by owner and creative coach, Lynn Lee, Weddings Unveiled and the values of our team are a true reflection of her personality and integrity as a business owner. 

I never think I’m short until I see myself in photos standing beside someone of normal height. People say I compensate by having big enthusiasm.

Moving to a home by the water is a bit of an obsession with me & I live to hear the sound of waves every night as I fall asleep! Travel ranks right up there too, and it usually involves….no surprise….an oceanfront destination. I love my runner’s high while tea gives me comfort. My dog is very happy that she gets to lie on the floor beside me as I work out of my home based studio. She gets a bone mid-day for not barking while I’m on the phone (well, sometimes she fails here but still gets a bone). Nothing pleases me more than to check things off my list. So much so, that I have to have everything complete before I can turn in for the night. My husband calls this dysfunctional, I call it proactive.  

My favourite part of a wedding day is later in the evening when I’m watching my clients kicking up their heels on the dance floor. They’re having the time of their lives with not a care in the world, and it’s at this moment that I always know we have done our best work.

If you were my client, your wedding or event would be beautiful, meaningful, welcoming and fun. I come with free undying loyalty and would pretty much move mountains to make you happy! If you think we might be a great match, I’d love to meet you and hear all about your amazing plans. Send me an email won’t you?!

Thanks so much and thanks for taking time out to visit our site!